Welcome to Our Dental Practice in Stroud
Woman brushing her teeth for better oral health - Dentist in Stonehouse
Brushing Your Teeth for Better Oral Health
3rd February 2016

Welcome To Townes

The staff of Townes & Townes dental practice in Stonehouse

Our aim is to provide everyone dear to you with the same kind of genuine, personalised care we would want for our own family. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a ‘Caring & Friendly Total Dental Environment’; for all your mouth could ever need; from the moment you get your first tooth until the day you lose your last (a situation, that with our help, should never happen!).

All our staff will offer a warm, friendly welcome. We are very aware that for many people there are a million and one places they would rather be than in the dental surgery; so we’ve made our dental practice as welcoming as possible. We have also invested very heavily in high quality cutting edge equipment and materials; allowing us to offer you a full range of choices from the least expensive to the most minimally invasive, biomimetic, restorative options (where we use incredible bonding agents to mimic nature in a way that inevitably leads to beautiful aesthetics).

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