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How Can White Fillings Contribute to a Healthy and Attractive Smile?

People get fillings for many reasons. Fillings can be used for cavities that have been caused by dental decay. They can also be used to repair […]

Why Sports Drinks Shouldn’t Be Marketed as a Healthy Alternative to Water

Sports drinks are popular with many age groups, including teenagers and children. But do they live up to their healthy image or are they secretly harming […]

Have You Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong All Along?

You might think that you’re taking good care of your teeth, brushing them the same way you always have. But many British adults are making at […]

The Link Between Gum Disease and Systemic Disease

Research has shown that gum disease may cause or aggravate several other conditions. We used to think that bacteria was the connection but recently research has […]

Get Your Smile Ready for National Smile Month

Is your smile up to scratch? Many people are reluctant to smile because they are unhappy with the state of their teeth. But what can you […]

How to Brush Your Teeth: A Guide for Parents and Children

Many children struggle to brush their teeth properly, whether they find the sensation unpleasant or the task boring. Below is a print off and keep guide […]

Dentures, Bridges or Implants — Which One Is Right for You?

A missing tooth can cause many problems — it could be causing bone loss in your jaw, reducing chewing function or even reducing your chances of […]

A Dentist’s Thoughts on the Sugar Tax

With the government’s newly introduced sugar tax we can all expect to pay a bit more for sugary soft drinks. But what are the problems this […]

A Parent’s Guide to Dentistry for Newborns and Toddlers

We all want to give our kids the best possible care, but do you know the best way to look after your children’s teeth?   With […]

9 Terrible Dental Habits You Need to Break

  So you brush your teeth twice a day. But do you have any of these tooth-shattering habits?   When it comes to dental care, most […]


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