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We also pride our service on the many hand written testimonials we receive each week. Here are a few:

Shaun Carroll

Abbeydale, Gloucester.
15/ 09/2015

I have been with Phil and Barbara Townes dental practice since they first started. I would like to take this opportunity to compliment the practice and thank them for the superb standard of care and treatment I have received over the time I have been with them. From the time you see the receptionist, to the conclusion of your appointment, they have always shown the highest professionalism. They explain every step of the treatment to you in laymen's terms and are always willing to explain anything in greater depth about your treatment that might worry you. Most importantly for the more nervous, they always put you at ease. One notable occasion when I had to have a tooth rebuilt, I almost dozed off in the chair, that's how good they are. The preventative care is second to none. Over the years I have been to quite a few dental practices and none has been as good as this one. I have no hesitation in recommending the practice to my friends and family and to anyone who wants to join a friendly family run dental practice. Also, and I hope he will not mind me saying so, Phil has a brilliant sense of humour, and that in its self is good a reason to make them your dental surgery.

Amanda Ferrin-Hobbs

October 2015

I have used Townes & Townes dental surgeons for a number of years and have always found them and their staff to be professional and courteous. I have had a lot of work carried out to my teeth over these years and I can only say that it has made a huge improvement to my smile. In 2010 I had an implant and although I must admit it is not the most pleasant experience I have had at the dentist it was carried out as painlessly as possible and I would not hesitate to have the procedure again should the need arise. I would recommend Townes & Townes to my friends and relatives.

Sylvia Wadsley

“Believe me I’m an artist”

From the moment you enter reception you are put at ease by Jackie’s friendly welcome and efficient dealing with appointments. What a treasure she is… Dr Phil is very skilled and capable and soon soothes any nerves by his jovial manner. He explains everything well and in a way that is clear and esy to understand. As I am a nervous patient with neck problems he is very empathetic and builds in a rest every so often for me during long treatments. I really appreciate this. I have been happy with all the outcomes. I do however think the toilet door needs a new lock as I’ve been locked in there twice!

Bruce Cole


I have used Townes and Townes over many years, the service provided has been both friendly and professional and most importantly a painless experience. I have had a range of treatment over the years and the work carried out has always been of the highest standard, this has left my teeth and gums healthy and also pleasing to the eye. The friendly and professionalism is apparent throughout the practice from the reception to the hygienist and of course the dentist's themselves l would have no hesitation in recommending Townes and Townes to anyone looking for the ultimate dentist experience.

John Connolly

21stAugust 2015

Dear Phil
I have recently been made aware you are about to launch a website for "Townes & Townes", your dental practise. As someone, who until retirement, used to run my own business I know how important it is to use genuine testimonials on the website. I believe in letting the "customers" do the advertising, so to speak. I therefore felt compelled to write a brief testimonial regarding my experience with your dental practise.It is several years ago that I moved to Stone house and looked for a new dentist.I came across Townes & Townes by chance really as I was at the Post Office and saw your sign along the road. I believe you had just opened. However I felt welcomed as soon as I stepped inside and decided to register. I can truthfully say it was one of the best health decisions I have made.Obviously over the years you and Barbara have put an enormous amount of time, effort and I guess money to create a fantastic environment that is modern, clean and friendly. Every time I visit I am greeted by Jackie who is a great front of house employee that sets the tone.I have always been treated carefully by you and your staff and made to feel comfortable.I also appreciate that you take the time to explain in layman terms any procedures you recommend.You seem to have a lot of enthusiasm for your trade which enthuses and settles me for the treatment.
I wish you, Barbara and the whole team further success and growth.

Kind Regards
John Connolly

Will Garrard

I have been a patient with Phil and Barbara for nearly three years. They were recommended to me by a friend who had been a patient of Phil’s for a number of years. He spoke highly of Phil, his wonderful sense of humour, his informative style, attention to detail, beautiful crown work and expertise in relatively painless root canal work!! I had been suffering from near constant tooth ache for seven years and was keen to find a dentist who could help.

 My experience of dentistry during those seven years may have been particularly bad but in the final months before I came to Phil I had had botched root canal operations, tooth damage from wayward drilling, persistent and really painful infections and several multiple hour but ultimately failed operations to try and remove an infected tooth. The final nail in the coffin was a four hour nightmare operation to give me a prosthetic implant which failed. I came to Phil as a dental basket case, scared and mistrusting of dentists who had done nothing for me other than cost me a lot of money to hurt me.

 By then I had come to the view that I would have to manage with toothache for the rest of my life and that whilst the dental profession could help, the periods of painlessness would only be temporary and treatment expensive. I had tried both NHS and private practices in the area including one individual who claimed to be one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the UK who’s final insult was to suggest that I should opt for £12,000 of mostly cosmetic treatment to deal with the problem which he claimed were caused by occlusal crowding; for the record the cause was a broken root which I had self-diagnosed four years earlierll

Phil and Barbara have been a revelation. It took Phil about three months of hard work torecover the situation by getting the then urgent work done including a lot of root canal andfilling work to deal with the underlying causes of the pain whilst Ceri Owen-Roberts, their surgical colleague, quickly identified the problem with my implant and realigned it. Whilst Iam aware that my mouth is far from perfect and that we still have some stuff to get doneincluding some long term preventative maintenance for the first time in now ten years and on my fifth dentist I am finally pain free.

Jeffrey Green

Nailsworth, Gloucestershire

Townes & Townes Dental Practice - worth going out of your way for! I became one of the first patients of Dr. Philip Townes when the practice changed hands to become Townes & Townes. What Dr. Phil Townes saw during the initial assessment (despite my best efforts) was that much work was needed to put my teeth into good, trouble free order. Such good dental care was given during that first year or two that my teeth have been trouble free for longer than I can remember. I enjoy only needing a yearly check-up and one session with the hygienist. I was also taught at the practice how best to look after my teeth, which has saved me money over the years. One of the main fears of dentistry is the fear of pain; no-one looks forward to going to the dentist. Within this practice I have absolute confidence when I am in the chair. Most important of all is the relationship of trust withDr. Townes, who makes it his business to explain clearly the nature of the problem and the exact course of treatment, resulting in my feeling that Iam safe in his hands. What’s more, the equipment is state of the art and it is clear that funds are plowed back to give patients a top quality service. Lastly, I love the friendly, caring manner of all the staff with a bit of banter thrown in which makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience! In appreciation,

Kevin Jarrod

Kevin & Mary Jarrod

A visit to the dentist is not everybody’s most pleasant experience. However, this dental practice is a gem.It is the relaxed, friendly and professional manner of each member of staff which is so important to us.

Lin Kear

I have been attending this practice for 11 years. It has been a very positive experience. All staff are friendly, welcoming and caring. The practice is well run. There are helpful reminders about my appointments. Waiting times are kept to a minimum which I like. Over the years I have received on going regular check-ups as well as emergency treatment. Failure of an old crowned front tooth took me into the realms of partial dentures and bridges. Phillip helped and guided me through this experience. I was impressed by his skill and knowledge. The result was a Cantilever bridge? This meant that my new front tooth was attached to my rear tooth by a thin metal band. This has been totally successful, comfortable from day one and matches my existing teeth perfectly. I also have gum disease. I have 3 monthly appointments with the dental hygienist, Sinéad. I have had very good help to maintain my oral hygiene. Phillip has also been proactive in explaining clearly what the likely progression of my gum disease will mean in the future. He is bang up to date with current research and procedures. He has spent time with me discussing future options so that I can make an informed choice regarding my future dental needs. This means that we are all acting as a team. This gives me confidence in the knowledge that I will be fully cared for and my future needs will be met in the best possible way.

Robert Loe

8th Sept 2015

When we moved from Shropshire in 2004 I had to look for a new dentist and Townes & Townes were highly recommended by my father-in-law.As a customer of the practice for the past eleven years I have had a range of treatments, both scheduled and on an emergency basis. I have always felt that I was in very capable hands. As a result I would not hesitate to recommend Townes & Townes as an excellent dental practice.

Leslie Leach

I have been visiting the dental surgery in Queens Road for the last 40 years, but for the last l0 years since Mr & Mrs Townes have been in charge it has been a pleasure to turn up for an appointment, greeted by a smiling receptionist you are put at ease straight away, when called, you are escorted to the surgery, on entry you become aware of all the latest dental technology, and a welcome by Mr or Mrs Townes which immediately puts you at your ease. After a thorough check of your glands, pain free treatment can commence. I would recommend this practice to anyone who is not aware of modern dentistry to try this surgery.

William Marsh

WA Marsh/ IR Marsh

We have been with Townes & Townes Dental Practice since its inception around 10 years ago. Barbara is our personal dental surgeon but l have also received treatment from Phil.

During this time my wife and I have both benefited from general routine and hygienist treatment. In addition l have had a bridge of three teeth fitted and, more recently, a single tooth implant both of which I consider to be masterpieces and testament to Phil and Barbara's meticulous work.

Overall the treatment we have received has been of a consistently high standard and always delivered in the most professional, friendly and caring manner.

The supporting team members - receptionist, dental nurses and hygienist - are all so warm and friendly and make a significant contribution to this well managed practice.

All in all we now feel as though we are friends as much as patients and it would be folly for us to even consider moving to another practice.

We have no hesitation therefore in highly recommend this practice to anyone who may be considering joining.

Peter May

A few years ago as I was sat with my grandson on my lap, he looked at my teeth and asked, what I can literally 'smile' at today, '6rampy, why are your teeth like that?‘ he was referring to my crooked teeth. It was at that point I decided I must do something about it.

As I hadn't been to the dentist for many years and wasn't even registered at a practice, I wasn't sure where to go. My wife and other family members had always been very satisfied with the treatment and care they had received from Townes & Townes Dentists, so I decided to give them a go.

The moment I walked through the door I was greeted by Jackie, the receptionist, who made me feel very relaxed. After a short wait it was my turn to sit in the chair - time to bite the bullet (maybe not a great idea biting a bullet!). I was greeted by Phil and his dental nurse who made me feel at ease and not at all embarrassed about my long overdue visit to the dentist. My teeth were not only in a cosmetically bad state but they were also in poor dental condition. A visit to the hygienist was suggested before my next appointment which I did do and was also pleasantly surprised by how rewarding and painless the experience was.

During the course of my treatment, I have had many procedures done,including root canal work and braces. During each procedure I have alwaysbeen made to feel relaxed and comfortable - from coming in the front door to leaving.

Although I do not go skipping and whistling to the dentist, I no longer have any fear or hesitation about going.

It has been a long journey for me but to have my smile back has given me the confidence to have my photograph taken with my grandchildren. To know my teeth look good and are healthy is worth every second of the time I have spent at Townes & Townes Dentist.

Peter May (A very smiley, happy patient).

Sybil Notley


Dear Phil, I have been a patient of yours for 8 years after the bridge in the front of my mouth broke. It was August and each Dentist I phoned was far to busy to admit a new patient. I phoned Jackie and I was in the next day. The dentistry was second to none, absolute first class, and it has continued ever since. Another bridge, 4 gold caps in the back and total satisfaction every time. Always a friendly voice on the telephone from Jackie, nothing is too much trouble for her, change an appointment, fit you in when disaster strikes and smiles all the way. When the stairs became too steep for me a quick transfer to Barbara downstairs was quickly organised and who could be better than your lovely, excellent wife to continue the splendid treatment. I would tell anyone looking for excellent dentistry to go to Townes and Townes. The only drawback is no parking especially when you cannot ????easily. I hope this is a help and my husband says with a testimonial like this is worth 10% off my next bill!

Valerie Pegler

Why Choose Townes & Townes I transferred over to Townes & Townes Associates when they took the practice over eleven years ago. I can honestly say I would never contemplate going anywhere else now. My whole family are patients. I did have a very brief mad moment when I thought an NHS dentist would do the same job but soon found out this was NOT the case when they wanted to extract a tooth that Mr Townes saved and I still have to this day! I’ve seen the practice transformed into a modern one with up to date technology. The atmosphere is warm and friendly which is important to me as I’ve always been nervous of going to the dentist. I’m always greeted with a warm smile from the receptionist who now addresses me by my first name and I’m made to feel at ease. I’ve experienced most procedures from surgical, cosmetic, extraction, oral hygiene and routine dental care. Treatment plans are always thoroughly explained and detailed costings provided before any treatment commences. Price plans/finance is available too in some cases if you choose which makes it easier on the pocket! During procedures, everything is explained thoroughly. The professionalism, knowledge, care and consideration from the whole TEAM at Townes & Townes is outstanding. Why choose Townes & Townes… BECAUSE THEY CARE! Can you really put a price on your SMILE? I SMILE with confidence and I have Townes & Townes Associates to thank for it!

Robert Powell

In September 2009, I broke one of my teeth. My teeth aren't the best, having been subjected to 1960s dentistry and the wrong choice of diet. Having recently moved to the area, I contacted Townes and Townes and Phil was able to fit me into his busy schedule and temporarily fixed the problem. Since then, I have had regular appointments at the surgery to remedy long standing teeth problems that I have put off for ages. There may be fewer teeth in my mouth now but they feel as they are firmly fixed rather than wobbling around. I think this is a great dentists’ surgery because you feel as if you are being cared for and they care about you. Phil explains, in great detail, exactly what is happening and what he recommends. There is a proper programme for looking after your teeth and emphasising your own responsibilities. I would recommend this practice to anybody and I wish that I had had this standard of care when I was younger.

Souter Family Member

The Souter Family

To Whom It May Concern We, as a family, are very happy to recommend Townes and Townes associates dental surgery. Our children have been looked after by Barbara since their first teeth emerged and, for them, their regular check-ups and Barbara’s helpful advice are a positive and reassuring experience. When my husbands’ back tooth broke, he was seen really quickly, which is so important when you are in pain or discomfort. Jackie, on Reception, is absolutely wonderful! She’s always ready to help when the schedules of a very busy family clash with our dental appointments (which they often do). Everyone is so friendly and efficient at Townes and Townes.

Peter Rawll

7th September

I am happy to recommend the practice for its unfailing friendship and professional competence throughout the past decade.

Alison Stitt

Berkeley, Glos.

Townes and Townes - Just say Yes! I was at a dinner party a couple of years ago and a couple were enthusing noisily about their Dentist.After having an indifferent experience in the past with Dentistry I decided that I would follow their recommendation and book an appointment with ‘Doctor Phil’. It was the best decision of my life. From the first appointment, everyone at Townes and Townes acted with total professionalism and put me at my ease. The Receptionist Jackie is warm, welcoming and knowledgeable and very accommodating when fitting in appointments to suit your needs. She even rang me after one procedure just to check and make sure that everything was Ok. After meeting with Dr Phil, It became clear that I would need to undergo a complicated programme of work to restore my dental health. This was explained in detail, with understanding, empathy and good humour and every stage costed with options for alternatives given if appropriate. I started off with some fillings, pretty tooth coloured ones to replace the old silver ones in situ and a couple of new ones that were deemed necessary. I then moved on to some more complicated Root Canal work - Dr Phil assured me that I would not even need an anaesthetic - he was right! Not scary at all. Then for the big one — extraction of a front tooth and replacing an old NHS bridge at the front of my mouth. Again this was fully costed and a cheaper alternative offered. I decided to go for the six tooth Dental Bridge option and underwent a series of appointments culminating in the fitting of a brand new bridge. I even treated myself to a whitening treatment to complement the final amazing result.At every stage of this process everyone at the practice was interested and enthused about my treatment, - the dental nurse who was present for most of the time even popped her head in at the final fitting just to see the final outcome!. Anyone reading this blessed with perfect teeth cannot begin to understand the difference having a nice smile has made to my life. I laugh more. I discovered if you look up and smile at someone, they usually smile back. I found myself having the confidence to say ‘Yes!’ — 'Yes'- to having my photograph taken and not skulking at the back, ‘Yes’ to conducting a presentation instead of delegating to a colleague, ‘Yes’ to a first date and then a second! And so on... The Team at Townes and Townes have not changed my life. I did that. Phil and Barbara and the wonderful people at their Stonehouse practice have given me the confidence to do it with a huge smile on my face. lf you are considering using Townes and Townes, or if anyone asks me if I would l recommend Phil and the team I would just say - Do yourself a huge favour and say YES I.

Fiona Meadley

John, Fiona and Tom Meadley
27 August 2015

As a family we have been with the Townes and Townes practice since July 2007 and have much appreciated the professional and courteous service that we have received from Phil and Barbara with excellent support from Jackie in reception and from the dental technicians. We have particularly welcomed the holistic approach, which sees dental issues within the wider context of health, of well being and of family life — in particular the recognition and monitoring of the changing needs of children and young people as they move through the various stages of development.We are happy to wholeheartedly recommend the practice to others.


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