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Anxious Patients

Over the years we have given renewed confidence to even the most nervous of patients

The most recent Adult Dental Health Survey, carried out by the UK government, shows that nearly half of the adult population suffers with moderate or severe dental anxiety! With approximately 30% of adults having ‘extreme anxiety’ relating to dental injections and drilling.

Here at our Stonehouse dental practice we’re used to seeing patients who feel particularly nervous about visiting the dentist. A surprisingly large number of people will have had a negative experience in the past, either painful or encountering an unsympathetic dentist. Unfortunately, these understandable worries can lead to untreated problems which will only ever get worse not better.

Our whole team have every sympathy with nervous patients. We do our very best to make everyone who visits our practice feel relaxed and, above all, comfortable during their treatment.

Over the last 11 years we have been able to treat more than 99% of our anxious patients without having to involve anything more than time, to build trust, and understanding. In a very few cases we have had to use drugs in the form of oral sedation but have never found it necessary to use powerful intravenous sedation for anything other than complex implant surgery.

Please see our TESTIMONIALS page for more examples of what our patients think of our friendly and professional service.


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