Dental Appliances and Custom Mouthguards for Children

We are affiliated with Minchinhampton RFC (but don’t hold that against us if you play for Stroud, Dursley or Painswick!!) and as such we produce just under 100 mouthguards at the start of each season.

We are therefore ideally suited to providing excellent, custom fit appliances for any and all contact sports. We can make clear, coloured, striped and harlequin pattern mouthguards. We design them to allow for the changing pattern of a child’s teeth so you should get at a full season out of them.

If you wear fixed orthodontic appliances (train-track braces) it is even more important to wear a good fitting appliance as the risk of soft tissue damage to the lips is greatly increased.

We are still able to create an excellent fitting custom mouthguard but it takes considerably longer chairside so is more expensive.


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