Adult and Children Orthodontics | Orthodontists Stonehouse

Adult Orthodontics

When you want to improve your smile often one of the best and most affordable ways to achieve what you desire is to consider orthodontics.

Any general practitioner can go on a brief course to allow them to provide many of the new brace systems, however in our experience solving any problems can be problematic which is why we strongly believe this is best done by an expert with many years’ experience so we refer to a colleague locally. The braces can be invisible or placed on the inside of the teeth if desired or tooth coloured brackets are used as standard to minimise the visibility during treatment.

Children’s Orthodontics

Throughout your child’s development we will assess their teeth for signs that they may need orthodontic intervention referring to local specialists for in-depth assessment and treatment where this is appropriate. The NHS has strict guidelines about eligibility for orthodontics and if your child does not comply then we can also refer you for a Private consultation.


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