Jaw Joint Problems | TMJMDS, TMJ and TMD Disorders

Jaw Joint Problems

Temporomandibular Joint Muscle Dysfunction Syndrome (TMJMDS) is a complex musculo-skeletal condition often caused by stress or trauma effecting how we use our jaw. Due to the complex nature of the surrounding head and neck structures it often has knock-on effects such as neck and shoulder pain, tingling or pins and needles across the scalp, headaches and migraines. This is of course in addition to the direct problems of stiffness, limited opening, aching muscles and facial pain. As a sufferer myself (Phil Townes) I ensure the practice stays up to date on the best ways to manage this condition. Having had complex occlusal modifications carried out to my teeth many years ago by a leading, widely published occlusion clinician I do not feel that extensive and very expensive restorative stabilisation of the occlusion (rehabilitation) is advisable as it has done nothing to solve my problems. I believe there are often simpler and more successful solutions to this complex, multi-factorial problem.

As part of the ongoing care all our patients receive is a regular check of jaw joint health, along with advice regarding diet, habits and even physiotherapy for the jaw joint if this is necessary.

The natural balance of your bite is also considered when placing new dental fillings along with all the more complex restorations.


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