Pain Relief & Emergency Dental Care in Stonehouse & Stroud

Same Day Pain Relief

We understand that dental pain can be one of the most intense pains you can suffer. It is for this reason that we will always do everything we can for our patients, new or existing, to see and help you during surgery hours on the same day. Obviously, if you have problems the sooner you contact us the quicker we will be able to arrange an appointment. In almost all cases this pain can be relieved quickly with the correct intervention leaving you free to consider the long term options for solving the causative problem. It is only when there is no other choice that the first line of treatment should be removal of the affected tooth.

As a new patient you are welcome to choose us just to relieve your toothache but you will always be given an appraisal of what state the rest of your teeth are in and offered the opportunity to ensure that toothache is not a regular occurrence by joining our practice.

To help put your mind at rest please look over our testimonials, all of which are genuine and available to view in our reception area.


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