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Diagnosis, assessment and treatment planning is simple if you have a raging toothache. Low grade and intermittent issues though can often take a little more in the way of tests and interpretation using our extensive experience.

Assessments may include radiographs (x-rays), both small and large scanning varieties. We also assess your bite and wear patterns to judge the best type of fillings to provide years of trouble free use.

Regular care allows us to take into account the many aspects of your general and oral health to ‘risk assess’ you. This will allow us to provide bespoke advice just for you, allowing you to minimise your need for treatment in the future.

Any treatment that we feel you may benefit from will be explained in depth; giving the pros and cons of each type of feasible treatment as well as the risks associated with not treating. After discussion and agreement you’ll be given an accurate estimate and treatment appointments will be arranged.

During treatment photos of your teeth will be used to demonstrate everything from the need for treatment and the state of the teeth to the beautiful end result of treatment.


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