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Restoring Function

Do you have missing, chipped or damaged teeth? Do your fillings effectively replicate your original teeth or are they just flat or misshapen? When you smile are your teeth ‘level’ or do they sit at different levels – this is often caused by a series of poorly formed fillings allowing movement of the tooth and its opposite number.

Good dentistry should preserve as much of your own teeth as possible and return them as close to their original shape and form as possible. This is because teeth are designed the way they are as a result of many tens of thousands of years of evolution; as such we have no need to “redesign the wheel”!

If you have had to have fillings, these need to fit perfectly; not only into the tooth they repair but also against the neighbouring teeth, to prevent food-packing and to allow good oral hygiene. Plaque accumulation between teeth and around fillings amounts to the lion’s share of the cause for most gum disease and tooth decay. The subsequent inflammation is what leads to bone loss and gingivitis locally and perhaps more importantly to links with heart disease, stroke and diabetes systemically.

Being able to chew efficiently is of course extremely important for nutrition, digestion and therefore your general health and well-being.

At Townes & Townes our aim is to place the best possible restoration every time we treat every patient.


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