Dental Crowns and Inlays | Dental Practice in Stonehouse

Where something stronger is required to restore a tooth we will create exceptionally strong and beautiful crowns or inlays which will give stability for many, many years to come. Where aesthetics is not paramount we create a lot of fabulous gold crown and inlay work. This is probably the best material to use in the mouth as it is totally non-reactive and bio-compatible. It will not stain or tarnish and plaque struggles to grow on it; so it is easier to clean than your own teeth. They can be made extremely strong with a very minimal reduction in the healthy tissues of the tooth, sitting nicely with our minimally invasive ethos.

Of course there are situations where the gold would be visible and it is therefore not acceptable from an aesthetic perspective. On these occasions we most often construct all-ceramic crowns and inlays. These are constructed from a pressed ceramic material which is bonded to the tooth structure at the molecular level in the same way as our white fillings. These crowns are phenomenally strong and beautiful. To enhance the beauty of these restorations we work very closely with our laboratory utilising digital photography and video calls to discuss your needs and to ensure as natural a result as possible.


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