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At your first appointment with us

We will listen and look after you.

To help put your mind at rest; here’s what you can expect at your first appointment with us atTownes & Townes:

  • Your first appointment is an important two-way communication between our specialists and you in order to discover all the concerns you might have about your mouth, whether large or small.
  • While ensuring you are fully at ease, we will conduct a thorough examination, including any necessary radiographs (x-rays) and explain exactly where any problem areas may lie.
  • If you are interested in improving your chewing function or cosmetic appearance, we will also have the opportunity to discuss what can be achieved.

At each Examination appointment

Exceptional total & holistic care

Your mouth is a window on many areas of general health. It can also be affected by elements of your general health and or any medications which you are taking. Life style and events can also have a significant effect on oral disease meaning that your dental situation can change very easily and sometimes very quickly.

Each time we see you we will carry out a comprehensive 10 point Oral health check:

Extra-oral examination

  1. We will check your neck: the muscles, lymph nodes and glands in your neck for signs of disease including Cancer
  2. We will assess your Jaw joint for health and function. Dysfunction can lead to headaches, grinding even neck pain
  3. We will take a few pre-treatment photographs to help in decision making and discussion
  4. We will go through your medical, family & social history and assess any dental effects these may cause

Intra-oral examination

  1. We will check all the soft tissues of your lips and cheeks, palate, tongue, tonsillar region and the floor of your mouth for signs of disease including Cancer
  2. We will make an assessment of your bite (occlusion), this is often closely associated with jaw joint health
  3. We will make a digital record of your teeth and any previous dental work you have had (a full charting)
  4. We will examine, measure and record the health of your gums
  5. We will take any necessary radiographs (x-rays)
  6. We will also, obviously, check all of your teeth and restorations to check for failure, fracture, disease and decay.

Once our specialist team have gathered all the relevant information, we will produce a written treatment plan along with an accurate estimate of the prices and a plan for your next appointments.


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