Pricing for Dental Services | Stonehouse Dental Practice


  • We provide the best treatment available at a fair & reasonable cost to you.
  • We understand that a patients choice in how to fund their dental health needs will vary. This is why we accept all standard forms of payment; cash, cheque, debit cards and all major credit cards except American Express.
  • We also work closely with a number of providers of Dental Cash plans which, for a monthly subscription allow you to claim back a significant portion of the cost of any necessary treatment.
  • We are Denplan accredited dentists and for many patients this may be a very effective way to budget for your dental bills. We offer both Denplan Care and Essentials please speak to our Dentists or visit for more information.
  • We understand that funding something as important as your smile may sometimes require larger expenditure and in these situations we can offer most patients a 0% Finance plan with no deposit and repayments over 10 months.



Please note we do not believe in misleading you and as such our Price List contains the likely costs for all the most common treatments, not just “Prices from…”.  As such be wary of making direct comparisons.  For example, our fillings cost from £58.75.  But we feel that information alone would be misleading because our fillings range from £58.75 to £323.50 (the normal range is from £58.75 to £258.25).  There is huge variation because there are many variables; the size of the filling, the time required, the materials used as well as the level of aesthetics necessary in different areas of the mouth.  We hope you will appreciate our honesty in painting a realistic picture of any likely costs you may occur.



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